She wants to live like gulls do

She´d rather gulp down two

That´s more than you can do

Her claws got so cut when

She once had rocks to grind

That was when she got high


I´ve been told to tell the truth

To talk about the feelings that lead me to a single decision left undecided

If she was my father I´d never die


Whooo? Who who who Who

All watch out for the skybird

They call her the skybird

Who who who who Whooooo


Slow down - If you think you´re gonna win

Got fast - When our pistols wanna sing

Hold on - There ain´t nothing you can say

 Now fall down - Today just ain´t your day


Was a lonely, lonely night when our prey started to run

And the only chance to find their track was to beg for the sun

We met at dead of night when all folks creep in to hide

 And heard them begging for the one to not be damned when they are gone

Here we´re at the end.

Built with Berta